Chusan Palm

Before talking about palmspear let us talk about what they actually are. Trachycarpus fortunei also known as chusan palm, Windmill Palm or Chinese Windmill Palm belongs to plant family Arecaceae. This palm is native to China, Burma and northern India. Being the hardiest palm it can withstand the cold weather and even in moist summers. Now it is widely cultivated in gardens, parks and homes throughout the world. This palm can grow everywhere but still if you grow them in a well- drained soil as well as partly shady and partly sunny place where no wind reaches.

It will grow really best in wild as it reaches a height of 12m but its indoor growth is slowly and reaches a maximum height of 2m only. Trachycarpus fortunei is an evergreen plant. It has hardy, green and fan shaped leaves. The young leaves are pleated and covered with light brown hair. When they grow old these brown hairs are gone and the pleated leaves divided into pliant segments which reaches a length of 12 inches and can be wide around 1 inch.

More mature leaves can be 24 inches wide which are dark green in color. With the passage of time these leaves turn yellow then brown but they simply do not fall off rather they have to be cut down and used in different productive ways. Getting yellow of brown is not a sign of any illness as this is a natural process of aging. Although this plant is evergreen and grown indoors because of its beauty it still ages with the passage of time and some of its leaves turn brown,

So the question is how can we use these brown leaves in different productive ways?

Palmspear creation

These palmspears are the palm leaves but the shape of a spear give them an enchanting look.

These palmspears have many ornamental uses particularly for the people who love dried flowers. When palm leaves gets dry form then we use these in different ways.

  1. Use them in their natural color
  2. Bleach them into any other color

We have both options available here. The natural palm spear as well as palm spear bleached white.

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Uses of palmspear

  • The best use is to use them in the creation of beautiful flower bouquets. You can use both palmspears here but the white bleached palmspear would suit most for the wedding bouquet with the addition of light roses and other flowers.
  • You can also add palmspear in creating dried flower bouquets for fall. The fall brides would love these bouquets for their wedding.
  • You can even use them after your wedding in a vase at your home.
  • These palmspears can also fulfill the purpose of wall decoration if you can simply adjust them on the walls in a beautiful manner. The white palm spear would just look amazing on the walls.
  • These palmspears are useful wedding along with other décor items it will enhance the beauty of wedding decor.
  • You can use these palm spears simply alone to keep them in your vases if you do not want to buy a whole bouquet.

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