Attalea Speciosa: A brief plant profile

Attalea speciosa is a slow-growing plant. This plant has a green and smooth trunk. Its fruit is very useful. The fruit is used in medicines, beverages, and beauty aids.

What are the common names of Attalea Speciosa?

Babassu, babassu palm, babaçu, and cusi are common names for Attalea speciosa. Attalea speciosa is the scientific name.


SpeciesA. speciosa

Flowering data about Attalea Speciosa

Plant typePalm
Growth rateSlow
Flower colorWhitish, yellowish
Attalea speciosa
Attalea speciosa

Leaf information

The Colorgreen
Leaf Shapefolded
Hairs Presentyes
Leaf length30 to 70 cm
Leaf width3 to 4 wide

Attalea speciosa plant care

SunFull sun
Drainage conditionswell-drained
The required levels Soil pHacid, neutral, basic
Type of the Soilsandy, loamy, heavy clay
OriginAmazon Rainforest region in South America.

How to care for Attalea speciosa?

This plant needs particularly full sunlight to grow. Athalea speciosa, therefore, bears cool conditions.

This plant needs average water. Therefore, Overwatering should be avoided.

Babassu needs an average temperature of 72 F. 

Fertilization of this tree is particularly essential. Furthermore, the tree needs extra nitrogen.

It needs loamy, heavy clay, and sandy soil. Moreover, the Soil should be
well-drained. Although, The pH of the soil should be acidic, basic, and neutral.

The plant growth:
Attalea speciosa plant is a particularly evergreen plant. Additionally, the height of this plant is 15 to 30
meters. In fact, the trunk of babassu is slender and 20 to 50 cm in diameter.

Generally, babassu grows one leaf at a time. Therefore, Don’t damage the trunk of palm trees.
Pruning should be done in the summer or spring season eventually. Likewise, Remove the foliage, if foliage discolors. Furthermore, remove damaged and older leaves.

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