Best summer flowers in a jar


Who does not like flowers? Flowers are that creation of nature that we love in every season whether its winter, spring or summer. In this article we are going to talk about how we can utilize flowers in summer. The best use of flowers in summer may be of domestic purpose. You will definitely fall in love when you see summer flowers in jar at your home. Summer is the best season when many bright colored flowers bloom and make this climate beautiful. To create bouquets these flowers would be the best choice.

Some of the best summer flowers in jars


Marigold would be one of your Favorite summer flowers in jar. Marigolds are one of the annual plants that are best suitable for your gardens in summer and also for a bouquet of flowers.

There flowers come in different colors but most common colors are orange and yellow. There are different types of marigold depending upon the geography.

They have different properties among which most common are, there usage in treatment of skin problems, such as sunburn or skin inflammation. Their color is extracted to be used as a food coloring agent. They are also used in decoration and bouquets.


Geranium is also an annual plant that belongs to the geranium family and it has 400 different species globally. It grows in sunny areas in fields, forests and mountains.  Geranium plants produce flowers in different colors such as white, red, pink, purple or blue.

These flowers either have beautiful scent or without any odor. They are the best part of summer flowers in jar. The reason is their bright color.


These are the best summer flowers. They have high level of drought tolerance. Zinnias are cultivated in summer easily.

These flowers have maximum bright colors except blue. These colors make them most suitable for your gardens as well as your bouquets. So these add zinnias as your favorite summer flowers in jar.


Begonia belongs to family begoniaceae which has almost 1400 different species. It has colorful flowers and used in gardens or in house gardens. They are also among the summer flowers. The flowers of begonia come in white, scarlet, yellow or pink bright colors.

Their beauty attracts everyone. They are best for bouquet of flowers and if you have them in your garden you can also use them in your jar as a decoration.


Petunia is a beautiful summer plant, it has 35 different species. These plants grow in deep sunlight so they are best suitable to grow in summer in gardens or indoors.

The flowers of petunia come in many colors except blue and these flowers are the top reasons to cultivate them in gardens. So you can add them in your bouquet of flowers or in summer jars.
There are plenty of other flowers, used for decoration purposes in summer. You can order these flowers online from our website and enjoy beautiful summer flowers in jar.

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