Broom Bloom bunches preserved


In this article, we are going to discuss Broom bloom in three different bleached colours: white, pink and lilac.

What is Broom bloom?

Broom bloom also known as Cytisus scoparius is the most well-known and common broom native to Europe, Mediterranean, Russia, Asia Minor, Azores, and North Africa. The other common name of the Broom is English Broom, Scotch Broom, Spanish Broom, Scottish broom and Spanish broom because of their origin.

It belongs to the genus Cytisus and Fabaceae family of plants. The plant commonly grows at highways, meadow, open forests or disturbed areas. It is also suitable for homes or gardens as ornamental because of its beautiful flowers.

Broom bloom shrub grows really fast as it can grow up to 3-10 feet tall and produces flowers in spring. It produces pea type, yellow or red flowers. some species have other colours.

Are Broom bloom and Gypsophila the same?

Broom bloom when dried are mistaken with Gypsophila, also known as baby’s breath, because they are very much alike. The difference is on the stem. Broom bloom flowers are present in clusters form. However, on the baby’s breath there are plenty of flowers all over the stem.

We have Broom bloom bunch in three bleached colours. These have a wide range of uses on different ornamental purposes. They are used in creating beautiful dried flower bouquets. These all are used in creating wreaths, wall decorations and vase decoration.

Broom bloom bunch preserved – bleached white

White colour is associated with purity, innocence and elegance. Mostly white colour is associated with brides and that’s why the brides tend to have white flower bouquets on their wedding day.

Broom bloom bunch preserved bleached white will be the best choice for your wedding bouquet creation if you want a dried flowers bouquet. If you want to show your pure feelings towards your loved one you can also gift these flowers to them. You can also use them in home décor.  

Brooms bunch preserved – bleached pink

Pink colour represents the grace, elegance, romance, joy and youth. Pink flowers are a source of showing happiness and gratitude.

These in pink look pleasant to the eyes because of their bright and eye-catching colour.  These are the best choice of gift for your loved ones on your special occasion or you can also use them to say thanks to your loved ones.

Brooms bunch preserved – bleached lilac

Lilac colour is light purple with a shade of pink colour. Lilac flowers symbolize the emotions of love, spiritual purity and innocence. 

is the best choice for you to gift them to your loved one; it will be a symbol of your passion and purity of your feelings. You can use these flowers on your anniversary as an anniversary gift and also while proposing to the love of your life. 

You can also create a bouquet of flowers by using these lilac broom bloom flowers with the combination of some other dried flowers. Show your love to your loved ones in the most beautiful way by using these flowers.

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