Begonia luxurians plant facts

Begonia luxurians


Begonia luxurians plant looks like a palm tree. The plant has more male flowers
and fewer female flowers. Moreover, it has fragrant flowers and spread fragrant everywhere.

Other Names of Begonia luxurians:

Scientific name: Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’
Common name: Palm leaf Begonia, Shrub Begonia


SpeciesBegonia luxurians

Flowering data:

Plant typeBegonia, Conservatory, House plant, Perennial
Growth rateMedium
Foliage colorOrange, green
Bloom timeSummer, spring
Flower colorWhite, pale-yellow in summer, pale-yellow in spring

Leaf data:

The appearance of LeafLarge, palmate leaves
The ColorGreen
Hairs PresentYes
Length10 cm
Leaf width1 ½ foot
Begonia luxurians

Plant Care:

SunPartial shade
WaterAverage Water, Water regularly, although do not overwater
AttractsBees, butterflies, birds
Soil Drainage conditionsWell drained
Required Soil pHMiddle acidic, neutral
Preferred Soil TypeLoamy, sandy
OriginRain forests of Brazil

How to care Begonia luxurians plant:

Begonia luxurians plant generally likes filtered sunlight. However, In winter, it needs some sunlight.

Even more, It needs average water to grow. but overwatering should be avoided. Water this plant regularly at a minimum quantity.

Provided that a normal temperature is good for this plant.

Apply liquid fertilizer for this plant. Moreover, fertilize this plant every two weeks. On the other hand, do not give fertilizer to newly repotted plant for one month.

This plant prefers well-drained soil. Therefore, it is best to grow in loamy and sandy soil.

Begonia luxurians plant growth:
Generally, the growth rate of the begonia plant is 25 cm per season. Even more, It is a fast-growing plant. The height of this plant is up to 8 feet.

In particular, during the summer or spring season, cut the long stems and damage leaves of this plant. Being that, It gives the best shape after pruning eventually.

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