Silk flowers or dried flowers? A brief comparison

dried flowers are better than silk flowers

Dried flowers or Silk flowers?

Silk flowers are made with different materials and polyester fabric is the main manufacturing material. Flowers which are said to be made with real silk properties are actually made with polyester, plastic and polymers. Other types of fake flowers are made with paper, soap, clay, glass, nylon and plastic are also available in the market. These flowers are created in different shapes and colors, just like the real ones but after all they are fake and lack the realness of natural flowers.

Why are dried flowers better than fake flowers?

Dried flowers are dried form of natural flowers, whereas silk flowers are not real, in fact they are not made with real silk, they are made of plastic so they cannot have the same properties that dried flowers have.

Absence of natural fragrance

  • Dried flowers still have some scent in them which makes them attractive and we like to smell them. Flower scent is the reason people like and buy them. But silk flowers lack real fragrance that nature gives to real flowers.
  • Although flowers manufacturers have tried to incorporate scents in artificial flowers but that does not match with the natural scents in flowers. Would you like a rose flower which has nothing like rose flower scent in it? Definitely not.

Appearance and Maintenance

  • The next difference is the look of the flowers. No fake flowers can match the natural look of the flowers that nature has created with many tiny details, which is impossible for humans to create in fake flowers. You can easily differentiate between the real and fake flowers. 
  • The next thing is maintenance. Dried flowers do not need to keep them clean daily. But the fake flowers need maintenance to look nice.

Cost friendly

  • If you think buying artificial flowers are cost friendly and you will not need to change them for months then you are wrong. Because they get messy over time and you have to wash them or clean them.
  • Whereas, the real flowers once they get dried you can use them in many ways for decoration, for gifting or other purposes. You do not need to worry about the mess.
  • Most people prefer gifting real flowers or dried flowers bouquet to their friends or loved one’s instead of fake flowers.

Good choice for weddings

  • Besides these, having fake flowers on your wedding is not cool at all unless you have serious allergies from flowers. People like the mesmerizing scent of flowers and having real flowers would fulfill that only.
  • Secondly dried flowers are still a better choice than fake silk flowers. Because they look great and still have the natural properties of the real flowers in them.  

Environmentally friendly

  • Dried flowers are environment friendly; and you can replace them when you want. They do not contain any chemicals which may be hazardous for health. Whereas, fake silk flowers are not good for the can’t completely destroy the plastic flowers. Thus they are not environment friendly. You are just increasing the rate of plastic in the environment and making it difficult to destroy it.

Now it might be clear that why you should prefer having real/dried flowers over fake silk flowers.

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