Cordyline australis plant profile:

cordyline australis

The name Cordyline Red Star comes from the Greek word kordyle, which means “club”. Cordyline australis plants are palm-like evergreen shrubs that create long leaves. it is commonly referred to as the cabbage tree. This species is native to New Zealand.


Scientific name: cordyline australis
Common name: cabbage tree, cabbage-palm, Red Star


SpeciesC. australis
Plant typePerennial, Evergreen

Flowering data:

Bloom TimeSummer
Growth rateFast
Flower colorWhite-Cream 
cordyline australis

Leaf data:

The appearance of LeafShowy
Leaf ColorGreen, red, or yellow
Structure of LeafSimple
The shape of the leafStrap

Plant Care for cordyline australis :

SunFull sun, partial shade
AttractsBees, hummingbirds
Planting timeSpring
Height4 m – 8 m (13.12 ft – 26 ft)
PropagationPropagate by seed or suckers
Soil DrainageWell drainage
Soil pHAlkaline, Acid, neutral
PruningNo pruning required
Soil typeFertile, moist, chalky, loamy, sandy, clay

How to care Cordyline australis plant:

Cordyline requires bright light, but avoid direct sunlight. Green-leaved cordyline tends to do best with direct light, while those which have coloured leaves may prefer filtered sunlight or bright indirect.

Decrease watering during the winter and water your plant whenever the soil the surface begins to feel dry.

It needs a 5-15 °C temperature to grow.

You can nourish the plant weekly during the growing season with a liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer at half-strength. Do not fertilize during the winter.

Cordyline Red Star requires a rich, well-drained and high-quality potting mix soil with a pH of 6 to 6.5.

Cordyline australis plant growth:
The length of the cordyline australis plant is 20 meters and 5 to 10 foot wide.

This plant does not need pruning.

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