The Perennial flowers in Europe

the perennial flowers in europe

If you’ve ever looked at your backyard and thought that the shady, dry texture just wasn’t fit enough for you to plant flowers and shrubs to make your garden look pretty, well, you are wrong. You can always rely on the perennial to bloom in the right season and then become one with the ground when the time is right. Here is an overview for starters.

Flower perennials are easy to take care of and perfect for gardens in Europe. When you put all 15 of these flower perennials in a garden, you will have a garden created out of perfect harmony of aesthetics and fresh air. Let’s check out the top 15 perennials in Europe:

1. The perennial-Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan usually grows from June to September and ends at 3 feet in height. While it is the happiest basking under the sunlight and being planted under the rich soil, it will pull through even in bad soil and drought situations.

black eyed susan-the perennial

The perennial flowers have a variety of colours, ranging from yellow petals with a dark brown centre to one with orange and red mixed in equal proportions. 

2. Blazing Star: the perennial

Again, Blazing Star, like most plants, has a weakness for fertile, organic soil which has plenty of water. This is the type of perennial flowers is responsible for attracting pollinators.

Blazing Star: the perennial

It grows vertically and has lean flower arrangements that reach up to 4 feet. Usually blossoming from July to September, the sturdy nature of the flower lets it last even in vases for a long time. 

3. Balloon the perennial Flower

Balloon flower is the perennial Flower prefers the shade and the sun, though it is still insistent on rich, moist soil.

Balloon flower

It comes in colours of white, purple, blue, pink and more. Reaching up to 2 feet in height, the petals open up in a balloon shape in July and August. 

4. Clematis

Moist, organic soil with the blazing sun overhead or at least part shade is all Clematis needs to grow into 12 feet long vines that will change the scenery of your garden. Blooming mainly in spring and summer,  it ranges from burgundy to white.


It’s the kind of plant you use to dress up your windows and walls, sometimes stewing them over the fences to both add a bit of privacy to your home and make it pleasing to look at. 

5. The perennial Coneflower

These yellow and orange hybrids do well in fertile, organic soil. Blooming from summer to fall, Coneflower is known for its medicinal qualities.

The perennial Coneflower pink

The seed head of the flower also seems to call to birds. Stunting at 3 feet, it’s a consistent plant with soothing colours.

6. Creeping Thyme

This culinary herb can do well in average soil and full sun. If one steps on it, one would be greeted with the fragrance of mint. Merely 3 inches long,

thyme perennial

it spreads across the ground with its pink, purple flowers and the ability to stay evergreen even in drought.

7. Daylily

Available in a range of purple, red, yellow, orange, pink and white, Daylily spreads out in the organic soil with the visible sun. This clumping root plant has stems that open for a day.

day lillies the perennial

This 4 feet tall plant has the most elegantly shaped petals one could come across. What’s more, it continues to bloom in the summer, spring, and fall.

8. The perennial English Lavender 

These shrubs are useful in the field of medicine and culinary aspirations. If your garden has access to the sun but has acidic, sandy soil, it is the perfect soil to grow English Lavender.

english lavender perennial

One can’t doubt the fragrance is the most attractive part of the lavender. You can place it near the beds, and when someone brushes past them, the garden would be filled with the sweet smell.

9. Siberian Iris

Usually 4 feet in height, Siberian Iris is available in shades of blue, pink, purple, white, and yellow.

Siberian Iris

Content in full sun to part shade, the Irises prefer organically rich soil. These showy clumps add a fresh bit of colour to the garden.

10. Giant Allium

This ornamental flowers with onion-shaped bulbs stop at 5 feet and do well in full sun, and organic soil. Purple blossom decorates the bare stem, and it appears to be almost floating in the air. 

Giant Allium

11. Hellebore

Blossoming in January, Hellebore lasts throughout spring. While it prefers sun and organic soil, once the summer comes in, it leans towards the shade.

the perennial hellebore

The usher of spring brings out a variety of colours such as green, pink, red, and yellow.

12. New England Aster

This is a pollinator attractor and adds the colour of your garden, as it transitions from summer to fall.

new england aster perennial
Warnimont Bluff Fens Wisconsin State Natural Area #352 Milwaukee County

It is best under the full sun and average soil. Only 6 feet in height, the purple bloom occurs in August and September. 

13. Montauk Daisy

Montauk Daisies are daisies with white petals and a green centre which blossoms in July and August.

Montauk Daisy
Nipponanthemum nipponicum, Montauk Daisy, Nippon Daisy

The leaves are a bright and shiny green even before the perennial flower has fully bloomed in July.

14. The Perennial Tickseed

the perennial tickseed

Tickseed can make do even in the worst kind of soil and yet blossom into bright yellow petals. This low maintenance plant leaves its mark from May to July and enriches the garden by attracting insects. 

15. Yarrow

In sandy soil with the sun shining overhead, Yarrow comes in red, white, and yellow and can range from 2 feet to 4 feet in height. Blooming from June to September, if one lumps the clumps together, unique colIn the very heart of Stavern, a beautiful little town in Norway, lies our store Stavern Blomstermakeri. Here we focus on interior, creativity and hapiness. We are all about that blossoming feeling from the heart. If you have a passion for flowers, need inspiration or are keen to learn more about what we do here in Stavern, feel free to follow us on Pinterest for inspo, Instagram for photos, Youtube for learning or Facebook for the newest updates.our saturation can be accomplished. Yarrow is known for its longevity.


Now, you know all the plants that are right for your mini garden. Be creative and mix and match all this to create a garden that speaks to you.

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In the very heart of Stavern, a beautiful little town in Norway, lies our store Stavern Blomstermakeri. We focus on interior, creativity and happiness. We are all about that blossoming feeling from the heart. If you have a passion for flowers, need inspiration or are keen to learn more about what we do here in Stavern, feel free to follow us on Pinterest for inspo, Instagram for photos, Youtube for learning or Facebook for the newest updates.

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