Hedgehog cactus – Plant information

Echinocereus fendleri

The hedgehog cactus plant name comes from the Greek ‘echinos’ meaning porcupine. The Latin word ‘cereus,’ means candle and is a reference to the shape of the plant’s floral tube. The hedgehog cacti are generally native to Mexico and South Western US. It is a large species of encompassing varieties with different growths as well as flowering.

What is the scientific name for Hedgehog cactus?

The scientific name is Echinocereus.

What colors can you get the Hedgehog cactus in?

Flower is seen in deep red, reddish-violet, pink or fuchsia hue


SpeciesE. fendleri

Flowering data

DomainIt is a Eukaryote,
Bloom TimeApril until June
Flower colorFlower is seen in deep red, reddish-violet, pink or fuchsia hue
FruitA reddish-orange fruit is produced.
Plant typeCactus and Perennial
Ever greenYes it is an evergreen plant.
AttractsIt definitely attracts hummingbirds.
Hedgehog cacti Plants

What light conditions are ideal for the Hedgehog cactus?

A Hedgehog cactus is a light-loving plant thus they need proper sunlight.

How much water does the the Hedgehog cactus need?

The water and feed requirements for each variety will differ accordingly. The hairy and spiny variety needs to be on the drier side, even in summer because they are very sensitive to overwatering. Overwatering can lead to crown and root rot – especially in the winter months.

What soil and fertilizer is good for the Hedgehog cactus?

Though this plant is capable of handling richer soils, it is best to use a typical cactus soil for the best results. When repotting, take extra care that you do not damage the plant’s roots. As these are shallow-rooted and damage easily. Use a liquid fertilizer such as geranium, or tomato fertilizer. The special fertilizer for cacti is almost identical but more expensive! Fertilize on every other watering during the growing season.

Plant care

WaterWatered at least once a week.
SunFull sun, but tolerates light shade.
pH5 to 7
DrainageWell drainage
TypeSandy, rocky soil
Origin/nativeIt grows in deserts and woodlands in the Southwestern United States and Northeastern Mexico.

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