Perennial flowers: types and attributes


Perennial flowers are the specific name of the type of flowers grow on long-lived plants that may be more than two to three years depending on their variety. However, commonly perennials flowers are the term used for the flowers that bloom only for a short period. The blooming period may be of one to three weeks per year.

They survive from a specific season to season and they have limited flowering period. Perennials can give a breathtaking shape to your garden by their proper maintenance. They can be leafy plants or flowers. They are the specific flowers that grow on the non-woody shoot. Perennials flowers include lilies, asters, and tulips, etc.

Attributes of Perennial flowers

  • Perennial flowers can survive in extreme weather conditions and can also withstand even in the polluted environment. They are even tolerant of drought conditions. These flowers are very specific for their low maintenance needs.
  • Perennial are always fewer in number when compared to annuals. This is because their whole energy is invested in the development of the roots and shoots the whole year instead of the growth of flowers.
  • These flowers have a very unique growth procedure. The top portion of the flower always dies after every growing season. The flower portion regrows in every growth season like September.
  • Perennial flowers take almost one or two years to give their first flower production or yield. After the first flower production, they continue to produce in every production season.
  • Perennial flowers require different kinds of environment some of the verities need shade and nor direct contact with the sun. While some varieties need full sun, approximately maximum 6-hour contact with the sun. However, there are some flowers that need semi-shade, for example, they may need or shade or a long time of the shade.
  • There are many Perennial flowers which have a mechanism for the storage. Wondering? How can they store? Let me explain, they have an underground storage system like corms, bulbs, and tubers, etc.

Categories of Perennial flowers

There are many different categories of Perennials like:

Evergreen Perennial flowers

They can retain their flowers in all the seasons and even they can survive winter conditions like Rhododendrons etc.

Deciduous Perennial flowers

These tend to lose their leaves in winter and they can retain their ground parts. They grow in the spring to the summer season. For example, Crape is the most loved flower around the world.

Woody Perennial flowers

These can grow on the plants that have a tough woody stem and they usually do not die in the winter conditions. They tend to survive in the cold weather. They can lose their leave but they save their ground parts. For example, Roses.

Herbaceous Perennial flowers

They grow on a non-woody stem and they are very sensitive. They die in the winter or a very cold climate. But, the most loving thing about these flowers they always come back in the spring season because their root and part of shoot remain underground and they are intact to the harsh cold weather conditions.

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