Perennial flower types in Europe

perennial flower

The jewels of the garden, perennial flower which has risen in fame owing to their long-lasting nature. Perennials are of two types, short and long-living plants. These plants live for more than 2 to 3 years usually. The life span can be a decade or more in some cases. The upper portion of the plant dies and then regrows in the growing season, with the root system always intact. 

Perennial flower assists in making the garden more pleasant. These plants are the essence of the yard and make the home look different. Their beautiful colours and array of shapes and sizes make these appear unique. Some plants attract butterflies and bees, further enhancing the beauty of the place.  whilst their oxygen-production helps cleanse the environment of pollution. 

Perennial plants have major ecological qualities as well. Their long and steady roots hold the ground against threats of possible erosion and surface run-off. This exhibit their ability to absorb nitrogen from the soil before it finds the opportunity to contaminate the land. 

The top 15 perennials of Europe are as below

Lavandula Angustifolia perennial flower

the common name of this perennial flower is English Lavender. It is a shrub and it grows up to a height of 1-2 meters.
The name ‘Angustifolia’ is Latin for ‘narrow leaf’, hinting at the flower’s appearance; lavender flowers short-stemmed on silvery foliage. The best use of this fragrant flower is in making lavender oils. Which makes it an important essence of massage therapy.

Aster amellus perennial flower

This European Michaelmas-daisy belongs to the Asteraceae family.  It is one of the very few flowers which bloom throughout the fall. In the shades of violet and white, it adds pops of colour to the environment. This plant most commonly grows in the European mountains. This is 20-25cm in height and wins many hearts.

aster amellus-perennial flower


The herbaceous perennial flower peonies are native to Europe and a few other areas. This is a very famous garden plant. These peonies are large and scented flowers. Read more about peonys.

peony-perennial flower

These are grown as ornamental plants. They are famous for their medicinal properties. This explains why their name is the peony, which is named after ‘Paeon’. Paeon is the Greek God of medicine and healing.


hosta-perennial flower

Growing 6 inches to 3 feet tall, the hostas are low-maintenance, durable plants. These flowers are lavender, white or pink in colour. The scented flowers are loved by birds and humans equally. Read more about the Hosta plant.


This is another perennial flower. It is a herbaceous flowering plant and known to cover the ground easily. Its common name is Bugleweed is and it grows between 5-5- cm in height. The blooming season is from May to June. It blooms with blue and violet flowers. This plant can be a nuisance when not guarded properly. 

Shasta Daisy perennial flower

Native to Europe, this plant stuns with its photogenic features. Having a yellow-golden centre with 15-30 white flower petals, the plant grows up to a height of 2 feet, with its long and erect stalks. It also proves to be a good cut flower, to be arranged in vases and bouquets

shasta daisy-perennial flower

Achillea Millefolium perennial flower

Commonly called Yarrow, this perennial flower comes in a variety of shades, ranging from yellow and purple, to peach and more. Having 0.2-1 metre stems, this plant grows fast, and vast, filling up garden space quickly. With various uses, such as in the making of essential oils, and even liquor, the plant has gained popularity. 

Salvia nemorosa

Renowned in various regions with various names, this plant has great tolerance of dryness and summer, therefore has a blooming season from summer until autumn. With their purple flower spikes and fragrant nature, the flower is one easily cultivated.


Mostly blooming in springtime, the Dianthus perennial flower has jagged-edged petals, in hues of pink, as well as white, red and lilac. With many of them treated as food plants, they are feasted upon by the larvae of lychnis, etc.


With the technical name of Pulmonaria, lungwort is called such due to its shape bearing resemblance with the human lungs. This plant has a different outlook with broad, white-spotted green leaves with a covering of hair, as well as little flowers in blue, white or pink, choosing to bloom in early spring.

lungwort-perennial flower

Japanese Anemones

Another plant blooming well in the fall, this plant has white flowers and a yellow stamen in the centre. Rising up to 1.5 metres, it tends to attract all with its height, beauty, and fast growth.

anemones-perennial flower


With funny names such as False Goat’s Beard, this plant is great to be grown in part-shade gardens. Height 6 inches to 5 feet, flowery heads grow over fern-type leaves to add a splash of colour to the garden, before turning a caramel shade nearing season end. 

Hemerocallis perennial flower

Available in beautiful and bright colours, the peculiarity of these daylilies is, the flower blooms for a day, and then withers reaching sundown, only to be replaced by another flower the next day. Often orange-coloured, these flowers are a treat to have.

day lillies-perennial flower


The perennial flower Monarda attracts in its vibrant colours, and distinctive shape. With the flower heads resting upon the loop of bracts, the aromatic plant proves useful in decoration, but also in essential oil production.

Aquilegia perennial flower

A sight for sore eyes, these bell-shaped flowers win hearts with their spurred petals. Growing 15-20 inches high, they are perfect for being grown under the full sun.

aquilegia-perennial flower

The perennial flower holds the advantage of being accustomed to living in small containers, which can then be transferred to a large piece of land upon their growth. With their promise of durability, the efforts put into their growth always bear fruit as they last longer as adornments for your garden, alongside also being the perfect gift for someone with a nature-loving side.

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