Best Perennial Plants in Europe


Perennial plants are a specific type of plants. They have a very long life. the specificity lies in the blooming session of flowers. The perennials do not grow flowers in the first year. They produce flowers in a specific short season that maybe two to three weeks per year. In this article, you will learn about best perennial Plants in Europe. Read more about types and attributes here.


This flower has many other names like a skyscraper. This is a perennial plant that gives blue or white color flowers. It can withstand in extreme weather conditions like dehydration, drought, and called the Lily of the Nile. It has about 10 different species.

Crocosmia Disco Dancer

This is the amazing warm orange golden flower producing plant. These perennial plants produce usually broad overlapping petals and larger flower in an outward direction.

There are many different varieties of this perennial. This perennial gives the strong green foliage and the flowering time is Autumn and summer.

Campanula Barbara Valentine

The beautiful garden plant which is special for producing large flowers in the hanging direction. They take very small space and can be grown in containers. There are different varieties of this plant.

Digitalis Walberton

This is commonly known as Gold crest, a compact plant which can produce many stems and flowers. It always gives good garden performance by its long flowering season


It’s common name is Fragrant Sunshine bright because of yellow color and green foliage. The flowers are scented and flowering season is very long.

Ascot Rainbow

It is a hybrid of lemons and oranges. It gives soft orange color flowers and is richer in color. They have a very long flowering season. These perennial plants mostly grow in upright habit and neat manner.

Gaura lindheimeri

The common name of this perennial is Tuscan Sun. the perennial with beautiful bright yellow flowers that can bear the extreme weather conditions. This perennial has a bushy habit of growth.

Gaillardia grandiflora

The perennial with the most beautiful common name Ruby and no doubt the beautiful flowers too. The flowers of this perennial are dark ruby-pink in color. They bloom all the summer season.

Helleborus ercsmithii

This is known as ivory prince and produce flowers for a long time. They produce many stems and buds.

Lavandula angustifolia

This perennial is known as Blue ice and it is the palest of all the same class flowers. This perennial gives late flowers and grow in the neat bushy habit.

Oenothera fremontii

The shimmer is the common name of this perennial. This has beautiful flowers too. The flowers are in pale yellow with four petals.

Pennisetum advena

Chelsea is one of the perennial plants with great foliage shades and very neat habit. They always give very rich growth of flowers. There are plenty of plumes of flowers on the plant.

Roco Orange

The perennial with a very long branching character of the system and flowering season of three months mostly from April to June. They are mostly dormant in the summer season.

Ember’s wish

ember’s wish

The perennial plants with stunning name and flowers. The flowers are of coral red shade and have the maximum flowering season. They produce the flowers from summers season to the frost season.


The perennial produces a vase full of blue flowers and has attractive foliage. The sky blue color flowers with upright spikes give the enchanting view.

Perennials plants, an overview, here.

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