Top five perennial-flowers to grow


Are you planning to plant flowers in your garden? You might be having brainstorming to choose which ones to choose. Then look no further your answer should be perennial to grow in your garden.  But what are perennial-flowers, what is their significance and what is their difference from other flowers?

Let us discuss it now.

Perennial flower meaning:

Perennials are the flowers or plants that continue to grow or bloom for more than two years. They do not stop growing or die after year. These plants are different than other plants in terms of shape or functioning. They have long roots that grow deeper in the soil to reach nutrients easily. Perennial flowers grow on their own, once they are planted so you need to worry about them after a season has passed. Perennial-flowers come in a wide variety of fascinating colors; shapes and sizes. These flowers can withstand tough environmental conditions.

Why are perennial flowers better than other flowers?

Along with perennial-flowers we also have biennials and annuals. The Annuals live for one season and the biennials live for two seasons. So after their seasons have passed they will stop growing or die and you will have to cultivate a new one if you want them in the new season of growth. If you want to plant some evergreen flowers in your garden then perennials would be the best choice for you, because they bloom for more than two years, and they do not require much of your attention.

Best perennial flowers to grow:

Following are some of the examples of perennial-flowers that you can choose to grow in your garden.

Purple Saxifrage

This is a perennial herb. It is grown in the mat or cushion shape near gravel places, banks of streams or wet surfaces of rocks. The plant is very small in size say 2-3 cm, having tiny purple-reddish or violet color flowers. The petals are 5 in number. The flowering time is around June-July.

Heather :

Heather also known as Calluna vulgaris is a perennial dwarf shrub. It belongs to Heather family of flowering plants. The height of the plant is 10-50 cm long. It is often found in sandy, rocky or dry forest areas. It has light purple or white flowers, they are corolla campanulate flowers.   Flowering time is July-August. It is admired as ornamental flower.

Hepatica (Perennial flower):

It’s scientific name is Hepatic nobilis. It belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. It is a perennial herb, the height of this herb may be from 10-15 cm. it is one of the rare plants that flower in spring season. The flowering time is April- May. It can easily withstand tough environmental conditions. It has small flowers which perianth regular, with blue, violet, and purple and white.

American globe flower:

American globeflower (Trollius laxus) belongs to Ranunculaceae family. It is a perennial herb. The flowers are buttercup shaped, which is the specialty of this family. American globe-flower is mostly found in mountain regions. Most of the flowers are to orange or white in color. It is often cultivated in moist garden or near ponds.

Globe flower (perennial)

globe flower

It belongs to Ranunculaceae family. This is a perennial herb which has a height of 30-60 cm. the flower is yellow in color, which is perianth spherical, small in size having 5-15 petals. It grows mostly in meadows and forests .

So this was a brief overview of the most common perennials that you can grow in your gardens. 

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