Amaranthus cruentus- blood amaranthm

Amaranthus cruentus

Amaranthus cruentus is a fast-growing, vigorous as well as an erect annual plant. Blood amaranth probably originates in Central America but is cultivated nearly worldwide for its grain-like seeds. Further, It produces beautiful showy red flowers that increase the beauty of the Garden.

What are the most common names for Amaranthus cruentus?

Amaranthus cruentus is also called Pigweed. The scientific name is Blood amaranthm Purple Amaranth.


GenusAmaranthus L.
SpeciesAmaranthus cruentus L

Flowering data

FlowerFlowers can be huge tassels or tiny globes, in different colors such as red, pink, yellow or cream, Showy
Bloom TimeThe blooming time is during July to frost
Flower colorRed, pink, yellow and cream.
SeedsSeeds maybe white, yellow, pink or black.
FoliageRed, purple, green, yellow
FruitSerpent skinned
Plant typePerennials
Ever greenYes

Leaf data

Shape of the leafGenerally it can be round or lance shaped.
Length of the leaf2 to 6 inch long or more than that in some cases.
Color of leafdark green, light green, reddish or variegated
AttractsButterflies, hummingbirds

Plant care

SunFull sun
Soil pH6.5 and 7.5, acid, Alkaline, Neutral
Level of Soil drainageWell drainage
Required Soil moistureMoist
Preferred Soil typeFertile, chalk, Loam, sand
Amaranthus cruentus

How to care for Amaranthus?

Amaranthus cruentus needs moist, fertile, chalky, loamy and sand soil. The pH of the soil between 6.5 to 7.5 and the soil should be acidic, alkaline and Neutral. Fertilize amaranthus cruentus after planting and every 6 weeks with 2 tablespoons of granular 10-10-10 fertilizer per plant. This plant grows best in full sun, and needs watering 2 to 3 times weekly in the dry season.

Amaranthus cruentus growth

The length of this plant is 0.8 to 2 m and 32-80 inches.


In the spring season, if the plant is full of stems, then cut it at the top of the plant. After pruning the plant will establish.

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