Hosta Hybrid Blue Mammoth

hosta hybrid

The hosta hybrid is beautiful and shade tolerates plants. It has waxy and green leaves and a wide variety of foliage colors. Hosta plant needs care and attention. They grow in shade and required a lot of water. Many hummingbirds are attracting to this plant.

Names of hosta hybrid:

Scientific name: Hosta ‘Blue Mammoth’ (sieboldiana)
Common name: Plantain Lily, hosta



Flowering data

Flower colorPurple/Lavender, white, blue, pink
Bloom TimeSummer
Foliage colorBlue
Growth RateMedium
Plant typeFoliage plant, Houseplant, or perennial
LeafBlue, green
Leaf shapeElliptical, Oblong
FoliageGrey, Blue in spring, summer, and autumn

Plant Care

SunPart shade to full shade
TolerateHeavy Shade, Black Walnut
Soil typeNormal or. Sandy or. Clay
Soil pHNeutral or. Alkaline or. Acid
OriginWoodlands and meadows of Asia.

How to care for the hosta hybrid blue mammoth plant?

The hosta plant requires both shade and sun to survive. It is a shade loving plant.

These plants, especially when grown in containers, require lots of water. Keep them moist at all times by watering regularly, particularly on hot days. Make sure that drainage is sufficient; however, they grow well when moist but not when wet.

Hostas grown in containers will grow well in the same sort of temperature as your home temperate, reasonable heat will be just superior.

Use a slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, and then continue to fertilize the hosta every other week with a water-soluble fertilizer. Hostas grown in containers need a little more fertilizer because they lose nutrients through regular watering. 

This plant Prefers slightly acid or neutral, fertile, moist but well-drained soil in partial shade. Soil drainage: Moist but well-drained, Well-drained

Cut any damaged or dead leaves from the plants and remove this plant at the base. Remove the dead foliage also.

Hosta hybrid blue growth
The height of hosta hybrid blue is 2 to 3 feet and it is spread 3 to 4 feet.

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