Hierochloe odorata: sweet grass

Hierochloe odorata

Hierochloe odorata is a fragrant grass with satiny and long leaves and the other names of sweetgrass are holy grass, manna grass, and vanilla grass. This is a member of the grass family and growing up about 50cm in height. One of the benefits is that it can quickly and grow and harvest twice a year. This plant attracts birds and butterflies.

What are the alternative names of Hierochloe odorata?

Hierochloe odorata has many common names. The most common are: Sweet grass, Manna grass, Mary’s grass, Vanilla grass, Holy grass.

Is Sweet grass a perennial or an annual plant?

Sweet grass is a perennial plant.

Classification of Hierochloe odorata

FamilyPoaceae, Gramineae

Flowering data

Bloom TimeMay, June, July
Flower colorBrown Green
Plant typeGrass
Ever greenYes
HabitatBog Garden
Hierochloe odorata

Growing Conditions

WaterMedium to Moist
SunFull Sun
Level of Soil pHAcid, neutral and basic (alkaline)
TypeClay, Loam, Sand,
Preffered moistureMedium, Moist
Origin/nativeNorthern Eurasia and North Am

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Plant Characteristics

Leaf ArrangementAlternate
Fruit TypeCaryopsis
Leaf ComplexitySimple
Root TypeFibrous
Size Class1-3 ft.

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How to care hierochloe odorata plant

Sweetgrass needs full sun to partial sun to grow.

This plant needs average water is required dry to touch and avoid wet soil.

The Soil should be sand to clay and the soil ph should be acid-neutral and alkaline. Soil should well drain and moist no too wet.

This plant needs the lowest temperature of -40° to -30°F (-40° to -34°C)

Fertilizer is needed at least once a month during the growing season.

Hierochloe odorata growth:
The growth of this plant is 50cm in height.

Growth speed:

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