African breeze Pennisetum

African breeze Pennisetum

Wich light conditions are optimal for African breeze Pennisetum?

Fountain grass plant tolerates some light shade but it enjoys full sunlight. This plant has specifically beautiful and stunning leaves.

How to care for African breeze Pennisetum plant?

African breeze plant is well grown in medium moisture as well as in well-drained soil. Sandy and loamy soils are perfect for this plant. The best time to trim the purple grass is during the early spring or late winter. Fountain grass is hardy and grows well even in poor soil but fertilizing will increase its growth. The grass requires additional nutrients when flowering.

How much water is required for the African breeze Pennisetum plant?

African breeze plant needs water at least twice a week. In areas that receive rain it does not need any additional watering.


FamilyIt belongs to the “Poaceae” family.
Species‎C. setaceus

What are the most common names for African breeze Pennisetum?

It has many common names such as Purple Fountain Grass and crimson fountain grass. The scientific name of African breeze Pennisetum is “Cenchrus setaceus”.

Flower data

Growth raterapid
Evergreenyes it is an evergreen plant.
Fruit ColorPurple/Lavender
AttractsIn particular, it attracts, some Birds, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Pollinators, Songbirds
Plant typeOrnamental Grasses
Flower colorPennisetum glaucum “Purple Baron” produces spiky, dark purple
Flower bloomflower spikes from July to September.
Leave data
Leaf Fall ColorGold/Yellow
ColorPurple/Lavender, Red/Burgundy
Length> 6 inches
Hairs PresentYes
Leaf DescriptionGenerally, Leaves are rigid, linear, sheathing, scabrous, often burgundy to reddish-purple, and up to 1′ long.
FlowerShowy, good cut
Flower Size> 6 inches

At what time of year can you plant fountain grass?

You can plant the purple fountain grass at any time, but the spring season is the best time to grow this plant.

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Plant Care

WaterIt has much need of water thus water it regularly.
Sunfull sun
Soil pHacid, neutral, and basic (alkaline) 
Level of Soil drainagewell-drained
Preferred Soil moisturemoist
Suitable Soil textureheavy, light, medium
Required Soil typesandy as well as loamy
OriginPennisetum species are native to Africa and Asia as well as other tropical, subtropical, and temperate environments worldwide.
African breeze Pennisetum

African breeze Pennisetum growth

Fountain grass plant is 90cm heigh and has a 100cm spread.

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