Succulent houseplants and different types

succulent houseplants

The word succulent derived from Latin words succus meaning juice. Succulent is houseplant it’s mean we grow indoor, they grow very easily, perfect houseplant, coming in many various texture, shape and sizes. Succulent is very useful in decorating the home garden, these look Stunning in the container. Mostly plants needs lots of Water, but Succulent plants have the capability to Store the water this is reason Succulent plant are flashy and thicken. 

How to grow and care of succulent house plants?

First of all, you choose the Right Succulent Houseplant. Many Succulent houseplants are not suitable for indoor growing. Always choose those Succulent Houseplants to need the low sunlight.  Mostly grow under shadows. These succulent plants are the best houseplant as succulent houseplant needs less sunlight so we can keep them in the window. In case if there is a lot of sunlight so proper precautions should be taken to protect the succulent houseplant. Succulent houseplant needs less amount of water. In case if the soil in which succulent houseplant grow becomes dry spray them with a little amount of water. Daily watering the succulent houseplant can kill them quickly. 

Many types are found in succulent plant but we recommended some types of Succulent houseplant you can easily grow at your home: Jade Plant, Aloe Vera Burro’s tail, roseum, Echeveria, Zebra Plant, Snake plant, Panda Plant, Pincushion Cactus, Crown of Thorns  and Flaming Katy

Jade Succulent Houseplant

Crassula ovate is also known as jade plant some common names of jade houseplant are lucky plant money plant or money tree. Jade plant is grassy and has fleshy leaves, thick stem or white and pink flowers. Jade plant is easy to grow that’s why they are called succulent houseplant. They live a very long time and need less water. Succulent grow at low temperature but when the soil dry, water succulent houseplant with less amount of water.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also a succulent house plant. it has many medicinal and other uses. The sap around the leaves is more useful  in medicine cosmetics, beverages, skin lotion or ointments Aloe Vera needs less amount of sunlight and water but the leaves feel dry. They used in the home for decoration, the beauty of your kitchen window. Aloe vera usually grows in every home nowadays. People use it for different domestic remedies. Aloe Vera grows easily in pots and put in rooms.

succulent houseplant-Aloe_Vera_(4700054020).jpg

Buro’s tail

Sedum morganianum or donkey tail plant is also known as buro’s tail this plant is very easiest to propagate indoor. They are also succulent house plant. Succulents have the ability to grow long stem-like tail shapes or can have thickly fleshy leaves that’s why they are called buro’s tail. They properly need light to look bright and fresh. They are houseplant easy to grow in house, offices and any place you want.


Zebra succulent houseplant

Zebra plant need not much care they easy to grow as a house plant. The white variegated stripes on its leaves so get it to name called zebra plant. They have bright and shiny leaves and the coolest plant. It is very sensitive to the amount of water given to them. They need a specific amount of water, too much or little amount of water can damage their bottom leaves and they fall off.

They are two types of plant as we scientific classification

1. Calathae zebrine

2. Aphelandra squarrosa

succulent houseplant

Snake Succulent Houseplant

Snake plant is much better growing very easily popular the succulent houseplant nowadays. You can grow in rooms, offices anyplace you wish. It, decorate the room give the eye-catching view.while snake plant tolerates the heat, grow the much bright. Snake plant growing very slowly that’s why does not require pruning.  Snake plant does not require any fertilizer but you give little fertilizer in a couple of seasons during spring and summer growing season. An important point about the snake plant is that they need a very little amount of water. In winter season water them once a month. Frequent watering can kill them

Flaming Katy

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is herbaceous and the common name of the plant is Flaming Katy. Flaming Katy much popular hardy houseplant growing flashy leaves colourful flowers also known as a gift plant. Red yellow blue multicolour flowers growing in flaming Katy plant like a rainbow view.

There are many types of succulent houseplants we have described some of them. Succulent houseplants have become a trend to grow indoor as a decorative plant.

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