Echinopsis pachanoi

Echinopsis pachanoi

Echinopsis pachanoi a fast-growing plant and easily grows in fertile soil. This plant propagates by seed or stem cutting. This plant adds to the beauty of the landscape.

What is the common name for Echinopsis pachanoi?

The common name for Echinopsis pachanoi is San Pedro cactus.


SpeciesE. pachanoi

Echinopsis pachanoi growth

The growth of this plant depends upon the environment. This plant can grow up to 12 inches per year. It is grown slowly grown however, the plant can grow up to twenty feet tall.

Flowering data

Bloom TimeNighttime, July
Flower colorWhite
FruitOblong, Dark green, 3cm diameter, 5 to 6 cm long
Plant typeCactus, succulents
AttractsInsects, birds

What is the Echinopsis Pachanoi plant used for?

Echinopsis Pachanoi is used in making traditional medicines and veterinary medicines.

Plant Care

SunFull sun
Soil pHAcid, alkaline, Neutral
Soil drainageWell-drained
Growth rateFast-growing
Soil typeLoam, sand
Origin/nativeArgentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru

How to care for Echinopsis pachanoi?

It grows well in full sunlight

It should be watered at least one`s a week. During watering, give the soil a good soaking. 

It grows in fertile, slightly acidic potting soil with good drainage. 

This plant needs diluted liquid fertilizer and only fertilize during the growing season.

Cut it to right at the base and get down a little bit lower on it.

Echinopsis pachanoi

What climate is good for Echinopsis Pachanoi?

San Pedro loves warmth and light.

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