Aquatic Plants to grow Inside the home

aquatic plants inside

In this scientific epoch, people also change their behaviour. As plants adapt themselves according to their Environment people also change themselves according to the modern trends. The world is progressing day by day. So, We Need to Change everything and should change ourselves according to the technological world. In Ancient times Mostly people grow plants in Soil. People at that time worked hard day and night. But as time passed and as we know that Technological world has rationalized now plants are also growing in water although we can grow the aquatic plant inside.

Introduction to Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants are also known as hydrophytes or macrophytes. These are plants which found inside, submerged and on the surface of the water. Water could be fresh or marine water. Aquatic plants only grow in water or in moist soil. According to their habitat, they are known as macrophytes and halophytes

Name of some Aquatic plants inside are:  Jasmine, Victoria,  Ipomoea batatas, Lotus Flower, Spider Plant, Begonia, Hedera helix, Ficus lyrata and Coleus

Comparison between Halophytes and Macrophytes


The aquatic plants which grow into the water and are present on the places near the water or moist place either the submerged (completely plant body in water), emerged (half plant body inside and half outside in the water) or floating (freely moved).

For instance: Spartina alterniflora (cordgrass) 

aquatic plants inside


The aquatic plants which grow into the water and are present in the places near the water or moist place either half or partially emerged into the water called macrophytes.

For instance: Water Lilly

aquatic plants inside

Water gardening Trending Nowadays

Aquatic plant inside is the most marvellous trends nowadays. These fashions are the most stunning and much popular. Best Example as Online Earning is the most popular trend now a day’s everyone wants to earn online because these are comfortable. Similarly, As the hanging plant is enhancing the beauty of the house they give freshness to our eyes and soul. Aquatic plant inside is a milestone in decoring our house. And the scene of the hanging plant is Marvelous.

In this consign, Water gardening is the most advanced technology. There are many benefits of Water gardening and has a very important role in our life. There should be aware of the people about handling techniques of aquatic plant gardens. The very first thing you have to consider your budget and then you have to grow the Aquatic plant But you can also grow them in the plastic bulb, glasses anything that holds the water it depends upon you. Hanging plants are much beautiful to your houses. You can hang the glass etc Some Aquatic plants look beautiful. Some of them have fragrance, some provide the oxygen it only depends upon you what you choose.

aquatic plants to grow

What are the benefits of having Aquatic plants inside?

Many Countries have most popular trend related Aquatic plant inside. Because they have many benefits, we can say that the Green colour is the Second name of Refreshment. When you are stressed and tired of office routine, Studies etc when you saw greenish colour you feel relaxed even you forget every stress. That’s why plants have the most important role in our life. Aquatic plants grow in our houses are a source of environment cleaner as they increase humidity. Exchange of gases and reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the environment. Some Aquatic plants are used as medicine; some are used as food in daily life in many countries 

For example:
Wild rice (Zizania), water caltrop (Trapa natans), Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), water spinach (Ipomoeaaquatica), and watercress (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum) 

The most common aquatic plant inside is water Lilly

Scientific Name: Nymphaeaceae

Water Lilly is the Most Beautiful and Attractive Flower. They are Aquatic plant and grow in water or marsh area. Water Lilly is the marvellous addition to the beauty of your Rooms, Offices. Water Lilly is very delicate Flower. They are much beautiful Even Some Countries has water Lilly as a national flower, For Example, Bangladesh has water Lilly as a national flower.  Sri Lanka has blue Water Lilly as a national flower. But the Question Arises, How does Water Lilly grow indoor? Yes but Some Important points have to be Noted that first, you need, Moderate Temperature is required. Fresh Water is required like ponds, outdoor container. Water Lilly is much wonderful plant everyone wants to grow it in the house but Some Steps those mentioned above are needed to implement to grow these Beautiful flowers in houses because these trends are much popular these days.

How to avoid algae growth in water plant‘s container, pots or bottles?

As we know where the moisture is algae can grow easily and decrease the beauty of growth of the plant. So to avoid algae we can use dark colour containers and solution of fertilizers or chemicals.

This trend of aquatic plant inside is so popular in people that after a few years we will see aquatic plants inside each house.

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