Calathea zebrina: Zebra plant

calathea zebrina

The Zebra plant belongs to the Marantaceae family. Most calathea plant has no flowers but some have a beautiful orange plant. Generally, It is native to eastern Brazil. Moreover, It is an evergreen plant that increases the beauty of gardens.

What are the common names for Calathea zebrina?

Peacock plants, zebra plants, prayer-plants, cathedral plants, and rattlesnake plants are common names for Calathea zebrina.


GenusCalathea G. Mey.
Species‎Calathea zebrina

Flowering data

Flower In particular, orange-colored flowers
Flower Size 60cm or 2ft
Growth rate Maximum One meter 
Evergreen yes
Domain Eukaryote
Plant type ‎Herbaceous perennial as well as a houseplant
Flower color purple or white
Flower bloom spring
calathea zebrina

Leave data

ColorGreen, Red/Burgundy, Purple/Lavender
Length2 feet
ShapeLanceolate, oblong, Linear
Hairs PresentNo

Plant Care

WaterMoist but not wet
SunShade to partial shade, bright to indirect sunlight
Soil typeWell drain and moist soil
OriginNative to eastern Brazil

How to care for Calathea?

Zebra plant needs indirect sunlight. Therefore, Keep away this plant from full sun and dark locations. It also best grows in partial shade.

During the growing season, the zebra plant needs a small amount of water but overwatering causes fungal and bacterial diseases. So, keep watering to make the soil damp and moist. 

Zebra plant needs well-draining potting mix soil. Potting soil is a mixer of peat moss, per tile moisture. However, you take good soil which is perfect for this pant you can get healthy roots and leaves.

Trimming/ Pruning: 
To get a healthy plant, at least prune off yellow or dead leaves. 

Fertilize the zebra plant once a month during autumn, summer, and spring season. 

Calathea plant growth:  
If the calathea plant has flowered, then they will reach a smaller size 30cm and 12inch without including the height of the flower; otherwise, it will reach 60cm/ 2ft.

Warm Temperatures:
Zebra plant needs a warm temperature such as 15°C to 21°C in a year. 

Growth speed:
Fast growth

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