Butterfly stonecrop (Sedum spectabile)

Sedum spectabile

Butterfly stonecrop is a stunning plant with showy pink flowers. It is easily accessible plant. The common name of sedum spectabile is “ice plant”. It creates beauty in your garden. Butterflies and many other insects are attracting to this plant. The stem of this plant is succulent and frosted.


Scientific name: Hylotelephium spectabile 
Common name: showy stonecrop, butterfly stonecrop, ice plant,

Classification of Butterfly stonecrop

SpeciesH. spectabile, Sedum spectabile

Flowering data:

FlowerShowy, flat
Time of bloom
The colorShade of pink, Red, White, Yellow
Plant typeAnnual/Perennial
Bloom TimeSummer, fall
HabitatValleys, rocky cliffs, and damp places along woodlands
LeafFairly bland flavor
Sedum spectabile

Plant Care – Butterfly stonecrop

SunFull sun
AttractsButterflies, insects
Soil pHAcid, neutral and basic
Soil typeClay, loamy, sandy
OriginChina and Korea

How to care for the Butterfly stonecrop plant?

Sedums plants grow best in full sun in full sun it is growing well.

Sedum plants need little care. Observe your plants regularly to make sure they are not too dry and water when desirable. 

Sedums plant generally favors lean conditions so go easy on the fertilizer. Organic compost applied is best. Chemical fertilizer can guide to stretching and flopping.

Well-drained soil is necessary for a healthy Sedum. It cannot live in waterlogged, heavy soil. The soil used for this plant should be loamy, sandy, and clay. The pH of the soil should be acidic, basic, and neutral.

In the early summer or late spring, cut the sedum plant back in half and also cut damage stems or leaves.

Sedum spectabile growth:
In the growing season, sedum plants can grow up to 1 inch.

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