Dunce cap (Orostachys) plant care guide


The orostachys plant is a succulent plant. It belongs to Crassulaceae. It will create beauty in your garden. Its flowers color is pink or white. These plants are fast-growing plant with green or gray leaves.

Alternative names

Common name: Dunce cap
Scientific name: Orostachys malacophylla var. iwarenge

Classification of Dunce cap

Orostachys plant

Flowering data

Flower colorPink or white 
Bloom TimeLate summer
Growth RateFast
Plant TypeHerbaceous perennial
LeafGreen, thick and fleshy
AttractsBees, Butterflies

Plant Care

WaterMore water
SunPartial shade
The Soil typeSandy
Preferred Soil pHAcidic, basic, neutral
Required level Soil drainageWell-drained
Required Soil moistureMoist

How to care for Dunce cap?

It does not tolerant to direct sunlight. Light sun, semi-shade, to 50% shade is a comfortable or best range.

This plant needs more water to grow. Morning is the best time to water the plant. 

Fertilize when the plant starts looking lackluster or slows in growth using a diluted fertilizer. 

Orostachys prefer a well-draining gravelly soil mix. These plants are also adjustable to both nutrient-rich and nutrient-poor soils. 

This is an excellent growing plant. First, leave it in a bright sunny place and water the plant sparingly. Remove dead leaves or stems from the rosette.

Plant growth:
The length of the orostachys plant is 6 meters tall. 

Growth speed:
It is a fast-growing plant.

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