Agave plant: A brief introduction

agave plant

Agave is a long-leaved juicy plant that naturally forms a rosette shape and produces a flower spire of eye-catching cup-shaped blooms.

What are the common names for the Agave plant?

Sentry plant, century plant, maguey or American aloe are the most common names. Agave Americana is the scientific name.


GenusAgave L.
SpeciesA. americana

How to care for Agave plant:

Agave plant needs full sun to part shade. It grows in a bright and sunny area. From spring to autumn, thoroughly water when the soil mix becomes dry. In winter, water sparingly for about 1 month. When planting an Agave plant Outdoors, water once or twice a week.

Agave plant will grow in good drainage soil and agave plant prefers sandy or rocky Soil.

Give this plant a little number of fertilizers in the spring during the first two years. Feeding is not necessary for this plant.

During growing season, agave plants like warm temperature, while in winter, they Like cooler temperature.

Pot size:
Agave grow in any size of the container because they are shallow-rooted and do not Require much soil.

Plant growth:
The length of the plant is 1 to 20 feet and width 1 to 10 feet.

The best time to prune this plant is in early fall and late summer season. Prune again this plant in the early spring season. Remove damaged leaves of this plant.

Flowering data:

Bloom TimeOnly bloom once in their lifetime.
Flower colorYellow, Green, White
Growth rateFast
Plant typePerennial succulent
LeafBlue-green colour
Size of the leafVery large
The shape of the leafSpiny-edges
AttractsHummingbirds, bees

Plant Care:

Water Medium
Sun Full sun
Maintenance medium
Soil pH 6.6 to 6.8
Required Soil drainage well-drained
Level of Soil moisture Moist
Preferred Soil Type Sandy or rocky, dry, well-draining
Origin/native Hot region of America

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