All about Lisianthus flowers:


Eustoma Grandiflorum is a rose like beautiful flower. Because of their similarity with roses, they look like roses but they are not roses. They are lisianthus.  The flower is present in bell-shape with lobed like petals. These petals are large and delicate but long-lasting.

Their soft, delicate and colourful beauty catches the eyes. They are best for the greeting or decorating on occasions such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers or other such events. Lisianthus develops in different colours but the most common are pink, blue, purple, lavender, white, yellow, green and red. They also come in bi-colours having two colours on the petals.

Types of lisianthus:

Depending on the colour range lisianthus has different types, let us overview them.

Pink lisianthus:

Pink is considered to be descent or feminine colour. It is best liked among ladies. If you have an event like a baby shower or bridal shower then pink lisianthus would be the best choice for decoration or for greeting others.


Purple lisianthus:

Purple colour is considered to be the colour of royalty, luxury or pride.  This is also a colour of showing admiration. You can gift these purple lisianthus to your loved ones on the occasions of their success such as buying a new house or achieving a goal.


Pink is considered feminine colour and purple holds the sign of royalty, here lavender represents elegance and grace. It is best suitable to admire womanhood. You can gift these lavender lisianthuses to your mother on mother’s day or on her birthday.


Yellow colour represents hope, happiness, energy, optimism, loyalty and joy. So you can give this yellow lisianthus to your new friends at the beginning of a new friendship to be remembered forever.

Blue lisianthus:

Blue is the beautiful colour that we found in nature such as in the sky or seas which are blue. The blue colour blue is associated with confidence, trust, loyalty and faith.

It also considered a peaceful or refreshing colour to mind and body.  So you can give these blue lisianthus to someone seeking peace, who is in a stressful situation, having these would relieve their stress.


White colour is the colour of innocence, purity, safety or cleanliness.  The white lisianthus represents the elegance and modesty and is best suitable for weddings or bridal showers.


Green is the colour of life, freshness, growth or harmony. It also associates with the money somehow. So these green lisianthus would be best for showing good luck, best wishes on occasions like baby showers or on the exams.


Red is the most powerful colour, it is the colour of fire and blood. It associates with energy, life, danger, passion, love, desire or power.  

So red lisianthuses are the best way to show your love and affection to your loved one in a beautiful way.

I have given an overview of different kind of lisianthus flowers and where you can use them if you want to buy any of these flowers in a bouquet of flowers then contact us here on the given link.

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