Tulip plant: a brief description

The Tulip plant loves sunlight and the best grow in fertile soil. There are different varieties of tulip. The flowers of this plant look beautiful in the garden and enhance the beauty of the garden. Tulip does not grow in full shade. It is also called the queen of the night.


Scientific name: Tulipa
Common names: Tulip, Lily


FamilyLiliaceae – Lily family
Sub familyLiliaceae
SpeciesGesneriana, Darwin, Queen of the Night

Flowering data of tulip plant

FlowerShowy, bright-colored
Flower shapeBell shape
Bloom TimeSpring
Flower colorRed, pink, yellow, or white, Green. Purple, Orange
Growth rateFast
Plant typeBulb
Maximum Leaf Size3 to 8 inches
The Leaf shapeUnique shape
AttractsBees, hummingbirds
tulip plant

Plant Care

WaterLittle water
SunFull sun, partial sun
Recommended Soil pH6.0 to 6.5
Soil drainage levelsWell-drained
The requirement of Soil moistureMoist
Suitable soil typeSandy
Origin/NativeSouthern Europe to Central Asia

How to care for the Tulip plant?

It needs full sun or partial shade to grow.

This plant needs little water and keeps the soil moist. The indoor plant should be watered almost twice a week.

The soil should be well-drained and fertile. The soil pH should be acidic, neutral. Tulip plant prefers sandy or dry soil.

Fertilize the plant at least once a year. The best time to fertilize the plant is in fall. Do not fertilize the plant in spring.

The ideal temperature to grow the tulip is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pot size:
Use a pot for plants which should be at least 8.5 inches.

Tulip plant growth:
The length of the tulip plant is 30 to 40 cm and the width of this plant is up to 6 cm.

Cut yellow and dead leaves.

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