Lobelia – Things that you must know about these


Lobelia erinus belongs to flowering plants. The genus has 415 different species. These species are either annual, perennial, herbs, shrubs, hard or tender plants. They grow in a variety of regions, either warm or cool temperatures. All of them are flowering species, the flowers are bright in color and have 5 lobes, and the flowers are relatively in smaller size but are abundant in growth. They are used for ornamental objective. In this article we are going to review about lobelia, how to grow it at your home or garden and its uses or benefits. So let us move forward.

Lobelia erinus

This is an annual plant that is it blooms from summer to autumn, the whole year. It is found in bushy forms.

The best flower beds must include these in making flower beds. The flowers of lobelia are most common in blue color but they can also have other colors such as white, pink, purple or red. When temperatures rise in summer lobelia flowers stop blooming but when the temperature drops they bloom again.

Tips to grow:

If you want to grow lobelia at your home you must follow some instructions to grow them properly. It is easy to grow them but following instructions would be helpful.

  1. Any drained soil is suitable for lobelia.
  2. The plants blooms in winter but also can withstand slightly hot weather.
  3. If you live where temperature rise to extreme in summer then better to place lobelia in a shady place because in extreme hot weather is not suitable for them.
  4. Water them often to not to let the soil dry completely.
  5. You can also use slow fertilizer at the time of planting them.


  • Lobelia are best choice to grow in gardens as flower beds. The bright color flowers increase the beauty of gardens.
  • It is also helpful for asthmatic patients. If you drink tea of it’s shrub it will relieve your breathing problems and will suppress coughing.
  • Lobelia also helps in eliminating mucus from inside the sinuses or respiratory tract hence helping to ease respiration.
  • They have antibacterial properties which helps treating insect bites when applied to them.
  • Many parts of the this plant can be used to get oil or produce tea out of them.

This plant has many benefits but the dose should be according to prescription, if you overdose it can lead to different side effects, so be careful while using the lobelia.

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