Coleus buntnessel: what you need to know

Coleus buntnesse

Coleus buntnessel is an herbaceous perennial plant belongs to the mint family. It has attractive foliage with colorful leaves.


Scientific name: Plectranthus scutellarioides
Common name: Coleus


FamilyMints, Lamiaceae
SpeciesC. scutellarioides

Coleus buntnessel Flowering data:

Bloom TimeFall, summer
Plant typeAnnual, Herbaceous perennial, Houseplant
Flower colorBlue, purple, white

Leaf data:

Leaf appearanceShowy
Color of leavesBrown, Yellow, Green, Red, White
ShapeOblong, Ovate
Hairs PresentNo
Length3 to 6 inches
Leaf width1 to 3 inches
Coleus buntnessel

Plant Care:

SunFull sun, partial shade
AttractsBees, hummingbirds
Soil Drainage requirementGood drainage
Required Soil pH6 to 7
Preferred Soil TypeMoist
OriginSoutheast Asia

How to care Coleus buntnessel plant:

Coleus buntnessel plant loves full sunlight and it will also grow in partial shade.

In the summer months, it needs water once or twice a day. Keep this plant well-hydrated but not soggy.

Coleus plant loves warm weather and does not bear cold weather or cold soil.

Fertilize the coleus plant every week. Liquid fertilizer should be used.

Coleus plants best grow in soil that is neutral to acidic with a pH level between 6 And 7.

Plant growth:
The length of the plant is 0.5 to 1meter and the height of this plant is 2 Meter.

If you do not prune the plant regularly, it will be unattractive and leggy. So, prune the damaged stems and leaves of this plant give a good shape.

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