Aristolochia grandiflora: Swan flower

Aristolochia grandiflora

Aristolochia Grandiflora also called the Pelican flower, produces vast trumpet-shaped flowers, however, it produces an aroma of rotting meat and attracts flies and wasps as its pollinators. There are many common names of Aristolochia Grandiflora such as swan flower, pelican flower, or many more.

Names of Aristolochia grandiflora:

Scientific name: Aristolochia grandiflora,
Common names: It has many common names such as pelican flower, Poisonous hogweed, Swan flower, Dutchman’s

Classification :

SpeciesA. grandiflora

Flowering data:

Flower Showy and Fragrant
Flower color Purple, White colored flowers are grown.
Domain Eukaryote
Bloom Time Blooms are seen during June to July
Foliage season Dark-green in all seasons
Growth Rate Fast growth rate is obvious.
Plant type It is a Vine or Perennial vine
Evergreen yes it is an evergreen plant.
Leaf Fragrant, Evergreen
Attracts It attracts mostly Bees and butterflies
Aristolochia grandiflora

Aristolochia grandiflora Plant Care

WaterMedium level of water is enough to grow.
SunFull sun to part shade is better for growth,
Soil pHNeutral
MaintenanceLow level of care is enough
Level of Soil drainageWell-drained
Required Soil moistureIt needs a moist soil.
Preferred Soil typeLoamy
OriginCommonly grown in Central and South America

How to care for Aristolochia grandiflora?

Pelican flower plant prefers sunny to partially sunny locations. But it grows best where soils are moist but well-drained. 

Medium water is enough to grow this plant. Thus, Overwatering is not good for this plant.

They require moderate levels of fertilizer although place them in more high light. Moreover, Excessive fertilization can disturb blooming.

The pelican flower does not need any particular soil. However, Regular gardening soil is all you require to give this plant a new home but make sure that soil is not too dry.

Aristolochia Grandiflora growth:
The length of the plant is 10 meters but 15cm width can be acheived.

Growing speed:
Fast growth in general.

Prune the plant in the autumn or during the winter season.

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