Brunnera plant: A guide to grow

Brunnera plant

Brunnera macrophylla has always been a trendy shade plant. It is the prettiest plant. It has glossy green leaves and showy flowers.

What are the common names for the Brunnera plant?

Siberian buglos, Heartleaf, large leaf brunnera and Jack Frost are common names for the Brunnera plant. Brunnera macrophylla is the scientific name.

Classification of Brunnera plant

FamilyBoraginaceae, Borage family
GenusBrunnera C. Steven
SpeciesB. macrophylla

Flowering data

Bloom TimeApril to May, Spring
Plant typeHerbaceous perennial, slow-spreading, clump-forming perennial.
Growth rateMedium
Flower colorSmall bright blue flowers

Leaf data

ColorGreen, Variegated
ShapeElliptical, ovate or heart shape basal
Hairs PresentYes
Brunnera plant

Plant Care

SunPartial Sun, Shade
DrainageMoist but Well-Drained
TextureHigh organic matter
pHAcid, Alkaline, Neutral
TypeChalk, Clay, Loam, Sand

How to care for Brunnera?

It prefers cool summers but does not grow well in humid summer and hot conditions.

The new Large Leaf Brunnera plant likes to be watered well. It needs medium water.

The growing temperature for this plant is 65° degrees Fahrenheit (18° C), and it performs well in holding temperatures between 50° to 60° degrees Fahrenheit.

Brunnera plants prefer rich soil but do not require supplemental feeding, as long as the soil is not too poor or dry.

Brunnera macrophylla grows well in medium moist soil, well-drained and placed in shady areas. Keep a consistently moist & rich soil. This plant does not tolerate dry soils, but it can tolerate moderately dry soil.

Brunnera plant growth:
The height of Brunnera plant is 30 to 60 cm and the width 60 to 90 cm.

During the growing season, cut old and damaged leaves. In the spring, cut old foliage so that new leaves are produced.

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