Geum coccineum borisii plant care

Geum coccineum borisii

Geum coccineum borisii is a little plant that looks beautiful in the garden or home. The common name of Geum borisii is red avens; belongs to Rosaceae family. It is easily grown in the summer and autumn season that produces an orange-coloured flower. Red aven prefers a sunny spot. Bees and butterflies are attracted to this plant.

What is the common name for Geum coccineum borisii?

The plant has many common names such as dwarf orange avens or red avens



Flowering data

FlowerIt produces Bright, showy flowers.
ShapeBowl shape with five petals
Size1 to half inches
Growth rateRapid
AttractsBees, butterflies
Plant typeRhizomatous herbaceous perennial
Flower colorBright orange
Flower bloomMay – July

Leave data

LeafEvergreen, broad leaves
ShapeKidney shape
Hairs PresentYes
Geum coccineum borisii:
Geum coccineum borisii flower

Plant Care Geum coccineum borisii

SunFull sun, partial shade
Fall careCut to ground level
Soil pHAcidic to alkaline
HardinessZone 2
DrainageThe suitable type of soil is well-drained.
MoistureA medium moist condition of the soil is good.
TypeChalk, Loam, Sand

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How to care Geum coccineum borisii plant

This plant needs full sun or partial shade for properly growing.

The plant needs average water however, regular water is best for this plant. Overwatering is not good for this plant. Therefore, avoid overwatering.

Geum grows in moist soil and also thrives in acidic or alkaline soils. The preferred soil type should be chalky, loamy, or sandy.

The Plant grows best when pruned. In the autumn season, it is recommended that to cut old and damaged leaves.

Before planting, fertilize the soil with peat moss or compost.

Geum plant growth:  
Geum coccineum plant grows up to 6 to 12 inches tall whereas, 15 to 30cm in width.

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