Memorial rosa (Rosa wichuraiana)

Rosa wichuraiana

Memorial rosa (Rosa wichuraiana) is a woody, semi-evergreen shrub plant that, especially have long trailing branches with green glossy leaves. It also has five-petal white flowers with prominent stamens, but these bloom in the summer season.


Scientific name: Rosa wichuraiana , Rosa luciae
Common names: Memorial rosa

Classification of Memorial rosa

SpeciesR. wichuraiana
Rosa wichuraiana

Flowering data

Bloom TimeJuly to September
Flower colorWhite
FruitRipens October through November
Growth RateRapid
Fruit ColorRed/Burgundy
Plant TypeGround Cover, shrub, Annual
Habitat Especially Dry fields, meadows, grassy banks, and beaches
Leaf ShapeOvate

Plant Care

SunFull sun to semi-shade
pHacid, neutral, basic (alkaline)
DrainageGood Drainage, Moist
Typesandy, loamy, clay
Origin/nativeEast Asia, China, Japan, Korea

How to care for the Memorial rosa?

In addition, the roses are growing in full sun to light shade.

Rosa plant needs water daily but overwatering is avoided.

Memorial Rosa grows well in sandy, loamy, and clay soil but the soil should be well-drained and moist.

In addition, Rosa plant needs organic fertilizer.

Rosa wichuraiana growth:
The plant grows 4 meters in length also the height of this plant is 6 meters.

Above all, Growth will be the best if the stems and leaves are cut off the plant from time to time.

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