Euonymus fortunei : emerald gaiety

Euonymus fortunei

Euonymus fortunei is commonly called wintercreeper. This plant belongs to the staff-tree family and also a tough plant that can tolerate some drought conditions and pollution of the urban settings. Emerald gaiety plant is an evergreen plant with colorful leaves and gives a beautiful shade. It can Grow in normal and sandy soil.


Scientific name: Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald Gaiety’
Common names: Commonly it is knowns as Emerald Gaiety Wintercreeper, Emerald Gaiety, euonymus, wintercreeper euonymus

Classification of Euonymus Fortunei

SpeciesE. fortunei
Euonymus fortunei
Euonymus fortunei

Flowering data

Flower‎Insignificant that flowers are not clearly visible
Bloom TimeDuring the summer such as in the month of June,
Flower colorSome Greenish white type of flowers are produced.
Plant TypeBroadleaf evergreen
LeafColorful, Evergreen
AttractsIt attracts some nasty flies and bees.

Euonymus Fortunei plant care

WaterAn average amount of water is best for this plant.
SunFull sun, as well as part shade, is good for plant growth.
MaintenanceLow maintenance means that it does not require much of look after it can grow well in a suitable condition.
pHIt Prefers alkaline conditions,
DrainageMoist but well-drained soil is good.
Preferred Soil TypeMedium-moisture although well-drained soil is best.
Origin/nativeThe plant commonly grows in China, Japan, Korea
Euonymus fortunei

How to care for the Euonymus Fortune plant?

Emerald Gaiety prefers shade conditions. However,It grows in full sun or partial shade.

Emerald Gaiety needs a lot of water as they are starting to grow but when it gets mature they have generally a good tolerance for drought conditions. Further, For mature plants, rainfall watering is enough.

Emerald Gaiety plant prefers well-drained and alkaline soil, but it does not grow well in wet soil.

Euonymus fortune plant has equally good tolerance for all temperature and humidity.

The Euonymus fortune plant doesn’t need fertilizing. In addition, It tolerates poor soil nutrients easily. Therefore, over-fertilization will simply cause it to explode into rapid growth that is not a good thing for the plant.

To make a good shape of this plant, pruning is essential during April to May season.

Euonymus fortune plant growth:
This plant grows 13 to 24 inches in length in a year.

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