Magnifica plant: Magnifica Medinilla


Medinilla is generally a house plant and it is originated in the mountainous region of the The Philippines. In this region, its name is kapa-kapa. Medinilla belongs to the Melastomataceae plant family. The Medinilla plant loves sunlight but not direct sunlight. During the winter season Magnifica, the plant bears direct sunlight.


Scientific name: Medinilla magnifica
Common names: It has several common names such as showy Medinilla, rose grape, Philippine orchid, Javanese Rhododendron, Magnifica Medinilla.


SpeciesM. Magnifica

Flowering data of Magnifica plant

FlowerIt has particularly Showy flowers.
Bloom TimeIt is a Seasonal bloomer. It blooms in specific time periods.
Bloom DescriptionPink to coral-red flowers are produced.
Flower colorThe most common flower color is pink.
Plant TypeIt is a Broadleaf evergreen plant.
EvergreenYes, it remains evergreen in all seasons.
LeafIt has evergreen leaves.
HabitatIt is an erect shrub, however typically epiphytic in rainforest habitat
AttractsIt attracts birds, butterflies and other pollinated insects

Plant Care

WaterMedium need of water, therefore, do not overwater them.
SunA Partly shade of sunlight is enough for plant growth
MaintenanceIt doesn’t require much care. A medium level of care is enough. Provide it with preferred conditions and it will all set.
Soil pH6.1 to 6.5.
Soil typeA well-drained and slightly acidic in nature,
OriginThe regions where the plant generally grows

How to care magnifica plant

It is better to grow the Medinilla plant in filtered shade to full sun, though it prefers to avoid the direct afternoon sun.

The Medinilla plant needs water in particular daily routine. The flowers will become limp when there is too modest water. Flowers will bloom effectively when the water need is full.

Medinilla plant needs rich, well-drained soil as well as slightly acidic soil.

The perfect temperature ranges from 17 to 25 degree Celsius. Temperature higher than this could be injurious to plant.

After the flowering plant, it is generally good to cut unwanted branches of the plant. after cutting the growth is enhanced.

Plant growth:
The length of this plant is 2-4 feet while it is spread 1 to 3 feet. Whereas, the average size of the plant reaches 3-4 feet.

It is advised to apply a liquid fertilizer every week after the flower blooms. Because it is better for the plants to get fertilized once a week.

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