String of Tears (Senecio herreianus)

Senecio herreianus

String of Tears is also called Senecio rowleyanus which has raindrop pea-shaped leaves. Moreover, you can decorate your house wall with beautiful stems of strings of the tear. In addition the look of this plant is very stunning. Whereas, this plant has the aroma of cinnamon. 

What are the alternative names for String of Tears?

It is known with many names such as Green marble vine, Gooseberry Kleinian, String of pearls, String-of-beads, String of Tears, Gooseberry Senecio. The Scientific name is Senecio rowleyanus or Curio herreianus.


Sub tribeSenecioninae

Flowering data

FlowerIt bears small brush-like clustered white flowers
Growth rateGenerally the growth rate is medium.
EvergreenYes, it is an evergreen plant.
Fruit ColorSpecifically the fruit has a bright red color
AttractsGenerally it attracts pest, butterflies, and hummingbirds
Plant typeFlowering plant
Flower colorWhite
Flower bloomSeasonal bloomer
Leave data
TypeBeads type
ColorGreen color
Length0.3 inches in diameter
ShapePea shape leaves, large, round, teardrop or raindrop

Plant Care

SunFull sun to partial shade
Required pH6.0 to 7.0
Level of drainageWell-drained
Required moistureMoist
FertilizerApply any organic fertilizer
Soil typeSandy soil
OriginNative to South Africa
Senecio herreianus

How to care for the String of Tears?

Senecio herreianus plant best grows in full sun. They need partial shade in the summer season. If strings of tear grow in the full shade then they will leggy and lanky. 

During the growing season, plant needs few water. But be careful soil never left too dry for a long time. 

This plant preferred well drain soil. They grow best in sandy soil. 

The plant can be grown from seeds or cutting. You can prune plants at any time.

This plant needs fertilizer annually, but lightly because too much fertilizer is harmful to the plant. 

Senecio herreianus plant growth: 
This plant can grow 25cm in the year. If the plant gets a good light level, warm temperature, and adequate water then it will grow the best condition. 

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