Shopping in COVID19 period:

shopping in covid19

COVID-19 has surely changed our lives and our daily routine. Almost every country has used a lockdown policy to avoid overcrowding and excessive risk of virus spread. Still, people need to go outside for grocery shopping. This can not be avoided as all people may not store goods for the whole year. In this article, we will suggest some strategies for shopping in covid19.

The following are steps by which you can do secure shopping during this pandemic.

1. How to plan for shopping in covid19?

The first step in shopping is to make a plan. For this, you need to create a list of goods that you want to buy. In this way, you can limit your stay inside the grocery store. In order to minimize the risk of getting a virus, you need to spend as little time as possible.

2. Best time for shopping

best time for shopping

It is estimated by data collection from markets that the morning time is the best time for shopping in covid19. The best time is from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Some stores open at 6 a.m for the elderly or disabled people. In In that case, the time between 7:30 a.m. or 8 a.m is also a good time. The research also states that the time from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. is the most crowded hours in the market. So it is better to check the most suitable time for shopping in covid19 before you go out.

3. Online shopping in covid19

During this pandemic, the best option is to stay at home as much as possible because many people who followed all SOP’s still caught a virus due to the ignorance of other people. So shopping online is the best option, most stores offer online shopping and delivering the goods at your doorstep. All you have to do is to go to the online website of the nearest store or their Facebook page. Find the required goods on the website and place an order. In this way, you can get the required goods and ensure your safety at home. It is better to place the received goods outside the home in an open place for almost 24hr so that the likelihood of a virus on the packaging of goods could be minimized.

4. Call to pick up

A call to pick up is another great opportunity for the people who do not want to spend time inside the grocery stores. All they have to do is to visit the online website, pick up the required items in your cart, create an order, and pay online via your card. The store owner will give you time to pick up the goods outside the store and when you arrive there, they will hand over all the goods inside your vehicle. This is another most convenient way of shopping in COVID19. 

 5. How to shop safely?

Even after you have chosen the wise time for shopping and have done all the precautionary measures, there are few steps you must follow to be safe if it is necessary to go grocery shopping by yourself.

Importance of Mask during shopping in covid19:

face mask for shopping in covid19

Before going out make sure you have a mask on, it will limit the contact of the virus if it is within the air. As research says that the virus spreads from the air droplets released from sneezing or coughing of the people who have but they don’t know. It is also suggested not to touch your mouth or eyes in public to avoid the risk.

Maintain a distance from others

You just need to maintain a distance of 6  feet from other people while in public. It will minimize the risk of getting the virus directly from the people. The minimal distance of 6ft is advised to maintain by the specialists.

Avoid touching everything

Do not touch every door handle with your hands, it is better to use your elbow or foot for this purpose.  It’s better to avoid unnecessary touching each item inside the stores. Only touch those items which you want to buy, this will save you time and also save you from getting off the virus.

Avoid touching everything during shopping in covid19
avoid touching everything

Avoid wearing gloves

When you are grocery shopping then it’s better to avoid wearing gloves as they may contaminate the virus and can spread the likelihood of the virus in your hands. For example, if you touch your phone, keys, wallet with contaminated gloves even after you dispose of the gloves while returning to home, your other goods will still be contaminated and can infect you and your family. 

Sanitize your hands

When you have left the store it is better to sanitize your hand before going inside your vehicle. It is better to sanitize the car door handle again. Then you are ready to go home. After using currency notes or credit cards it is mandatory to sanitize your hands to avoid getting the virus, as many people get infected from the virus after using currency notes and not washing their hands afterward.

use hand sanitizer

Wash your hands after arriving home

Soon after arriving at home, place all the shopping goods in your car parking area, it is within the boundary of your home then it is better to leave them there for 24 hours. Before going inside home, remove your shoes outside, better to change your clothes or disinfect them with a disinfectant spray and then wash your hands with water for almost 20 seconds. Now you may go inside. 

Washing the bought goods

Coronavirus spread from the eatables is not reported yet, it is better to wash all the vegetables or fruits with warm water before you store these. Other food items that are inside packing do not require to be washed. It is better to remove the packing and place the goods in jars or as you feel easy.

washing the bought goods

Minimize going out

Some people like to do grocery shopping but it is suggested to avoid going out in this pandemic as much as possible. If you go for groceries every week then it is better to go for groceries two times a month.  Using online shopping is a better option.

Avoid taking any family member with you

When you go out for shopping it is suggested to go alone if you can drive or even if you go on foot. Because taking someone with you is risky, especially if a child or elderly are in the family.

Using reusable bags

If you have reusable grocery bags you can not throw them out, it is better to disinfect them by washing and placing in sunlight for drying. It is also suggested to clean all the surfaces of the home or kitchen where you placed these bags. After cleaning everything, clean your hands and clothes too.

reusable shopping bags

 By following the above-mentioned strategies you can do safe shopping in covid19.

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