Gaultheria mucronata: prickly heath

Gaultheria mucronata

Gaultheria mucronata is an evergreen plant that contains shrubs with small, leathery leaves and bell-shaped pink or white flowers. Further, this plant increases the greenery of the garden. It grows best in fertile soil and also needs water regularly. However, this plant grows slowly.

Names of Gaultheria mucronata

Common name: Chilean Pernettya, Gaultheria, prickly heath
Scientific name: Gaultheria mucronata


Species‎G. mucronata

Flowering data Gaultheria mucronata

FlowerSmall, in particular bell-shaped,
Flower SizeUp to 1.5 cm (0.59 in) in diameter,
Plant size50-150 cm, 20-60 inches
Growth rateMedium growing
Fruit ColorFleshy, round, about 12 mm across, colored in specifically white, pink, red, or lilac,
AttractsBees, bird, 
Plant typeShrub, Evergreen
Flower colorWhite to pink
Flower bloomMay-June
Gaultheria mucronata

Where can I read more about evergreen plants?

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Leave data

ColorDark green
Length2 cm long

Plant Care:

SunFull Sun / Half Shade
Pruning seasonAutumn/winter
pHAcidic, Neutral
Level of Soil drainageWell-drained
Preferred Soil moistureMoist
TextureMoist, as well as loamy soil
Suitable Soil typeSandy and loamy
Gaultheria mucronata

How to care for Gaultheria mucronata?

Gaultheria muncronata plant best grows specifically in partial shade. Moreover, It tolerates wind and wet conditions.

Gaultheria muncronata plant needs average water but it needs water regularly. Avoid overwatering.

Gaultheria muncronata plant needs moist, sandy as well as loamy soil. While the soil pH should be acidic and neutral.

This plant grows slowly so it is not essential to prune this plant. If possible then pruning can be performed in the spring season.

Fertilize the Gaultheria muncronata plant during the time of late February and early June. 

Gaultheria mucronata plant growth:
This plant grows slowly. The plant’s size can be high up to 50-150 cm and 20-60 inches.

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