Dipladenia plant

Dipladenia is tropical plant with beautiful showy flowers. It grows in loamy soil. The colors of dipladenia flowers are pink, red and white. It is woody climbing plant. It has elliptic leaves. 

Alternative names

Common name: Mandevilla, Dipladenia, rocktrumpet
Scientific name: Mandevilla
Botanical name: Mandevilla sanden



Flowering data

SunFull sun
Bloom timeSpring
Soil typeLoamy
Soil pH6.6 to 7.8
Plant typeAnnual Flower
Flower color‎Pink, red, white
AttractsHummingbirds and bees
OriginSouthwestern United States, Mexico, Brazil, South America

How to care for dipladdenia?

Dipladenia will grow in full sun, 6 to 8 hours a day, but bear part shade. 

Water the Dipladenia plant when the top one inch layer of surrounding soil dries. 

Dipladenia needs warm temperatures and high humidity. In night time the temperature should around 65 to 70 F. 

Apply mandevilla fertilizer in spring and summer every two weeks. Soil: Mandevilla flowers require sandy, well-draining soil with abundance of organic material mixed in.

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