Decorum plant

Decorum Delphinium

Decorum plant is a cooperation of elected and passionate plant and flower growers. 

What are the common names for the Decorium plant?

Coastal larkspur and yellowtinge larkspur are the most common names. The Scientific name is Delphinium decorum.

Flower data

SpeciesD. decorum
Plant typeFlowering plant
Flower colorBlue flowers
AttractButterflies and other pollinators.
Flowering TimeAll Spring

How to care for the Decorium plant?

Full Sun, Part Shade.

This wildflower is endemic to California, where it grows on the slopes of the coastal ranges in the San Francisco Bay Area and north.

Grow in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade, 

Delphiniums require regular watering, specifically during the dry summer months. Water deeply during rainless periods, but don’t allow standing water. Delphiniums like it moist, but water that lingers causes crown and root rot. Water delphiniums at the base, keeping the foliage dry to help prevent disease.

Apply a balanced, slow-release liquid fertilizer every 2 to 3 weeks. Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers. Composted manure applied in autumn helps supplement these heavy feeders.

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