Caladium plant: A short profile

Caladium plant

The Caladium plant has lush multicolor leaves. The shape of the leaves is like a heart. It gives a beautiful scene in the garden.

What are the common names for the Caladium plant?

Elephant ear, the heart of Jesus and angel wings are common names for the Caladium plant. Caladium bicolor is the scientific name.


FamilyArums, Araceae
GenusCaladium Vent.

Flowering data

Bloom TimeMid spring to early fall
Plant typeAnnual, Perennial, Poisonous, House plant
Growth rateFast
Flower colorGreen-pinkish

Leaf data

Leaf appearanceFancy
ColorGreen, Pink, White, Yellow, Red
ShapeLarge and heart shape, ovate, Elliptical
Hairs PresentNo
Length>6 inches
Width3 to 6 inches
Caladium plant

Caladium Plant Care

SunPartial Sun, Shade
DrainageMoist but Well-Drained soil is preferred
The Soil TextureHigh organic matter should be provided in soil.
Preferred Soil pHAcidic level of pH is better
Soil typeMix
OriginSouth America

How to care for Caladium?

This plant loves filtered sunlight and shade.

Water it regularly and keep the soil moist.

The temperature for this plant is 55° to 60° F at night and 70° to 75° F during the day

Caladiums do not need a lot of fertilizer if too much fertilizer use the leaves can be burned.

Caladiums need well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter.

Plant growth:
The length of the plant is 20 to 15 cm and the height of this plant is 6 to 12 Inches and width are up to 24 inches.

During the growing season, prune the caladium plant. Cut the damaged leaves and Stems.

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