Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

Sanguinaria canadensis

There are many names of Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis). It’s native to Eastern and central North America. Moreover, People use this plant to make medicine.

Alternative names of Bloodroot

Scientific name: Sanguinaria canadensis .
Common names: It has common names such as Bloodroot, Canada puccoon, bloodwort, redroot, red puccoon, pauson, tetterwort



Flowering data

FlowerThey have really showy flowers.
DomainThey are Eukaryotes.
Bloom TimeDuring March to April
Flower colorFlowers are found in particular, White or pink-tinged
SeedsSeeds are brown in color.
FruitGreen pods
Plant typeGenerally these are Herbaceous perennial
EvergreenYes, It is evergreen.
LeafThe colour of the leaf is whitish-green.
AttractsIt attracts all kinds of bees, ants, native bees and flies,
Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

Bloodroot plant care

WaterDo not overwater.
SunPart shade to full shade is suitable to plant.
MaintenanceMedium level of care is good for the plant.
pH6.8-7.2, Acid, Alkaline, Neutral are the suitable pH levels of soil.
DrainageSoil needs to be well-drained.
DescriptionThe most suitable condition is Moist to mesic, well-drained as well as humus-rich soils.
MoistureMoist or wet soil is suitable.
TypeClay, as well as loamy soils, are best.
Origin/nativeIt is native to Eastern and central North America.

How to care for the Bloodroot plant?

It can grow in full sun, but is more often found in semi-shaded although light-wooded areas with moist and acidic soil.

It needs regular water or at least twice a week.

Bloodroot prefers a rich moist soil that is well-drained with high organic matter content. However, moisture is important throughout the growing season

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