Capsicum Plant: Ornamental Chili Pepper

Capsicum Plant

The capsicum plant is also known as red pepper, chilli pepper, and many more. The fruit is used in making medicines. This plant produces purple and white flowers.

What are the common names for Ornamental Chili Pepper?

Cayenne Pepper, Christmas Pepper, Ornamental Chili Pepper, Sweet Pepper, Chili Pepper, Red Pepper are all common names. The Scientific name is capsicum annuum.


Species‎C. annuum
capsicum plant
plantas de guindillas

Flowering data:

Flower shapecalyx cup
Varieties Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, White
Growth raterapid
Attractsbees, pollinator
Plant typeShrub, vegetable, Climber
Flower colorwhite
Flower bloomSummer

Leave data:

Leaf ColorGreen
Leaf ShapeBell shape

Plant Care:

WaterModerate water
SunPartial sun or partial shade
Potsuse a large pot for capsicum plant
pHSlightly acidic to Neutral

Plant Features:

HeightUp to 1 meter
Width20 to 30 cm
FoliageDensely branched
Flower colorWhite

How to care for Capsicum?

At the seedling stage, the pepper plant needs full sunlight but at the maturing stage, it does not require more sunlight

The pepper plant needs medium water to grow. When it feels dry, then give water to the pepper plant.

Capsicum plant needs well-drained and loamy soil for growing. Pepper plant loves moist soil also. For best plant growth, plant the pepper plant in organic soil. It is good for this plant.

Pruning the red pepper plant is early season and then the late season is essential. Remove all damaged stems.

For the pepper plant, Potassium and phosphorus fertilizer is better than nitrogen because it enhanced the fruiting.

Capsicum plant growth:  
The length of the red pepper plant is 30 to 90cm and the width about 18 inches.

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